Astonishingly fast site load speeds for your visitors from the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and Africa

We work with one of the most popular data centers in the United Kingdom to guarantee the very best web page loading speeds for the visitors to your dynamic rich–media web pages. This is a wonderful chance for you to guarantee the greatest possible browsing experience for your customers from England, the rest of Europe or Africa.

The Pulsant data center is situated a few miles north–west of London and provides ideal security conditions for your resource–hungry web sites and applications. A group of competent administrators is working onsite 24–7 to assure a ninety–nine point nine percent uptime and to carry out weekly off–site backups of your hosted content.

In the UK located data center you’ll find an array of VPS plans that you can take advantage of. Our VPS plans do not entail any server configuration charges and boast SSDs. You will get an Operating System of your liking, an administrative panel and a Web Hosting Control Panel pre–installed on the server. The British data center option is available on the order page.

UK Cloud Hosting Services

If you want something a little less pricey than a Virtual Private Server, we’ve the perfect solution waiting for you in our UK located data center – a cloud plan package. All our cloud plans plans are based upon our innovative cloud hosting platform, which we’ve developed from the ground up. This enables us to ensure a 99.9% uptime for all sites hosted under a UK Cloud Hosting account. Moreover, with each account, you’ll also get an absolutely free domain name.